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Upgrade Your Social World Without Giving Up Who You Are


Girl Walking

- Have difficulty making friends?
- Struggle with change?
- Have a hard time reading facial
  expressions and social cues?
- Struggle engaging in conversation?
- Not meeting classroom expectations?
- Disrupt siblings and peers frequently?
- Have a hard time maintaining          
- Not respecting other people's space?
- Nervous in certain settings and


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Post pandemic transition back to life, school and community

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Individualized academic and social therapy for students with a variety of needs such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, learning disability, impulse control and behavior management

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Psychoeducational Evaluation consultation for ADD, ADHD, learning disability, traumatic brain injury, intellectual disability, autism, developmental delays and more

Kid Raising Hand
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Social skills groups that provide strategies such as entering a group setting, engaging in conversation, understanding body language, relating and connecting to others

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Educational consultations on challenging behaviors, anger management, and developing reinforcement systems

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Community trainings on a myriad of topics such as reintegration back to school post COVID-19, response to intervention programs, social skills trainings and more

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